Colloidal Silver for your Feet

It is a Must for Clean Fresh Healthy Feet

• After treatment spray over and under the foot paying special attention to in-between the toes and allow the Colloidal Silver to trickle under the nails
• If your patient suffers from smelly, sweaty feet causing their shoes to smell, recommend they spray Colloidal Silver onto their feet and into their shoes, trainers. Allow the shoes to dry naturally
• Recommend your patients use Colloidal Silver at home on a daily basis. Excellent for nail fungus in the elderly
• Wounds, blisters on the feet etc. spray directly onto the affected area. A dressing material  such as gauze or wadding can be soaked in Colloidal Silver and kept in place with waterproof tape. Change at least 3 times a day
• For Swimmers, recommend they use Colloidal Silver after swimming. Spray over and under the feet paying special attention to in-between the toes. This will help to prevent picking up infections especially verrucas 
• For Sportspeople – amateur or professional, feet are paramount to performance in sport so foot health is important. We recommend the use of Colloidal Silver on a daily basis especially after training. This will keep feet free from infection and will help heal athlete’s foot and blisters.  

Recommended dilution rate is 1 to 1 ratio, 1 part silver to 1 part filtered water.

'Nothing stated here should be considered as medical advice for dealing with a
given problem. Consult your health care professional for individual guidance for specific health problems. This information on colloidal silver is simply a collection of information in the public domain, and is strictly for informational and educational use only. Information conveyed herein is based on pharmacological and other records both ancient and modern. No claims whatsoever can be made as to the specific benefits accruing from the use of colloidal silver.'