Colloidal Silver for Dental Care

Recently research is linking the health of your mouth to the general health of your body. This makes it even more important to have good oral hygine.

Your mouth contains a wide variety of bacteria, some are harmless but the majority are not.  Certain types of acid producing bacteria and odour producing ones cause dental caries known as tooth decay and bad breath.  Some of these bacteria stay on bits of food stuck between your teeth and on your tongue.

You may brush your teeth twice a day and hope that everything is clean but what do you do with your toothbrush or the special little brushes the dentists suggest nowadays?!  Give it a quick rinse and leave it on the side for the bacteria to carry on growing or for the flies to settle on when its a hot summer, you pick it up and use it again transporting the bacteria back into your mouth!

There are a host of mouthwashes on the market full of chemicals that are absorbed not only through the skin in the mouth but also through the stomach.  Research is now showing how dangerous they are to our health, in the short and long term. 

 It is a Must for Personal Hygiene
• Spray full strength into mouth; swallow allowing the Silver to trickle down the throat. Remember the mouth and nose are the routes into the body for the majority of infections
• Gargle with full strength Silver to freshen the mouth, breath and the back of the throat. It can be spat out or swallowed which may help to protect the rest of the body
• Spray full strength Silver directly onto toothbrushes and the little 'Tee Pee' brushes
• Soak dentures in 2 parts of filtered water to 1 part of Colloidal Silver.

General dilution Rate is 1 to 1 Ratio, 1 part silver to 1 part filtered water.