About Us

About Us
In 1975 Trevor Searby started his pioneering work with Natural Foods opening up his shop in Stroud called Mother Nature. At this time people thought this food was very strange but now its very acceptable being sold in all the supermarkets, how times have changed!

Alongside this was the growth in the Complimentary Health, Homeopathy, Flower remedies, Food State supplements. Today it's a minefield out there, who do you trust, it may say natural but is it really that. Most supplements on the market are produced from chemical isolates that your body struggles to absorb that is why there have been so many programmes slating supplements.

Trevor started Aquasafe Solutions 10 years ago to bring the best and most effective products from around the world. Lutia, his daughter, has now taken up the mantle and created a new website called Forever Mother Nature keeping the family business name alive. 
" My ethics are highly placed and I will strive to bring you the best, purest health products from around the world. Enjoy my new web site and I hope you find the right product to help make a positive difference to your life and your family's."    Lutia