AS:200E Twin Under Bench Water Filter

Product Code: AS:200E-twin-under-bench-water-filter

AS:200E Twin Under Bench Water Filter thumbnail image
AS :200E comes with a 2 year guarantee and all of the equipment, filters, pipes and connectors that you will need to get up and running! 
An affordable water filter system removing an incredible list of impurities from your tap water. 2 Stage Water Filter System consists of a 5-micron pre-filter that effectively removes sediment and unwanted debris in order to allow the 1-micron solid carbon block filter to do the real work of filtering, taking out chlorine, 99% of all heavy metals and all known bacteria. To give you an idea of the size, you can fit 230 microns onto a pinprick!   Filters only need changing once a year.  

Price: £159.50

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